SSC Exam Preparation: Exam Pattern, Syllabus, Notification and Vacancies

Many aspirants are eagerly waiting for the announcement of vacancies for the highly sought-after examinations that are conducted by the SSCthe Staff Selection Commission.

Many hopefuls believe that the All India Entrance Examination are difficult to pass as it is a unique exam that requires specific preparation strategies which can only be found at coaching institutes, however this isn’t the case.

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Prepare For Upcoming SSC Exams Without Coaching

Many aspirants are eagerly waiting for the announcement of vacancies for the highly sought-after examinations that are conducted by the SSCthe Staff Selection Commission. Many hopefuls believe that the All India Entrance Examination are difficult to pass as it is a unique exam that requires specific preparation strategies which can only be found at coaching institutes, however this isn’t the case.

The race for SSC 2021 is expected to be extremely tough, as thousands of candidates apply for SSC examinations and the number is increasing each year, it doesn’t suggest that you must invest a large amount of money and enroll in a coaching institution to pass the upcoming SSC examinations.

Yes you can study for SSC examinations on your own, with no assistance from any coaching center and achieve success as well. Candidates who have decided to established their goals to take the SSC 2021 will benefit much from this article since we have compiled the most simple and essential tips to help prepare for the upcoming SSC examinations, without the need for the need for coaching.

Find out for the SSC requirements and eligibilityconditions for the various Staff Selection Commission exams

SSC Exams

Before you begin the tips for preparing for the SSC test, without any training, look at various examinations that are conducted through the Staff Selection Commission.

The SSC Conducts tests like:

  • SSC CGL(Combined Graduate Level Exam),
  • SSC CHSL(Combined Higher Secondary Level Exam),
  • SSC CPO (Central Police Organisation),
  • SSC JE(Junior Engineer),
  • SSC GD(General Duty),
  • SSC MTS (Multitasking Staff),
  • SSC Stenographer plus more.

For the most up-to-date information about the mentioned exams, please visit for the SSC Notification page

Tips To Prepare For SSC Exams Without Coaching

There is no need to attend a coaching class to pass the exam. Here are some suggestions to help you navigate your SSC 2020-21 preparation to reach your desired goal.

SSC Preparation Step 1

The first thing to do is make sure you understand the subjects you must study. SSC is known for changing its SSC exam pattern every several years. So, it is suggested to keep up-to-date with the syllabus and exam pattern. Learn about the structure of the test and plan according to the exam pattern. Download the most up-to-date SSC exam syllabus on the official website, as it will give you an idea of the exam and the best way to begin your preparation.

You may also look through the SSC Exam Papers from the previous year to gain an understanding of the pattern of the exam and the nature of different exams.

SSC CGL Previous Year PaperSSC CPO Previous Year PaperSSC CGL Exam Analysis

SSC Preparation Step 2

Then, prepare a study schedule. Create a study schedule which covers the syllabus and be followed strictly. Calculate the period you will need to prepare and select between 2 and 3 times slots for your study time since it’s usually not feasible to be studying at the same time. Don’t be confined to studying only one subject. Create an order or a routine of studying a specific area. Additionally, it is recommended to read chapters and in a series for each topic, which will help you learn faster and provide the most knowledge.

SSC Preparation Step 3

Third,Time is Prime. Develop your time management skills to be able to pass the test. When you sit for the final exam you’ll have decide on the amount of time you will devote to each section. You can’t afford to miss even a minute of the section, or else you’ll not be able to sit for another section.

To master time management, it is crucial to take time-based online Quizzes.

SSC Preparation Step 4

Fourth tackle the subjects individually. It is important to assess and evaluate your strengths and weak areas across all subjects, whether it’s English reasoning, General Awareness, Reasoning as well as Quantitative Ability. Some areas that are weaker could cause you to lose confidence in certain situations However, it will keep you on track.

Similar to reasoning ability, it assesses the ability to think and the analytical capacity of the applicant. It is easy to score high in this section without having to learn any formulas, but by using your the common sense and practicing regularly.

In the same way, Quantitative Aptitude tests the candidates’ capacity to utilize numbers and numbers in a manner that is suitable. The question’s scope within this segment is restricted to mathematics in class 10th. All you have be doing is to practice and try to answer questions with precision.

English isn’t an easy to crack, however it shouldn’t scare you away. It is essential to set aside time to prepare for this section. The whole paper is built on grammar, so you should work on it more. A lot of reading is needed in order to understand sentence structure and understanding the context.

The next as well as scoring portion, which is the general awareness section. You must ensure that you can answer the questions in this section only if you are absolutely certain that you know the answer. Make sure you are prepared for this test as it can help you score high marks and take less time.

For general awareness section preparation, you can refer to these links:

Current AffairsStatic GK
Daily News AnalysisSSC General Awareness

For more detailed SSC prep strategies and tips,, visit the website linked.

Study the necessary study material created especially for the SSC tests:


SSC Preparation Step 5

Fifth, Revise and Analyse. It is essential to revise the material you’ve studied to understand the degree that you are preparing for. To revise, you could try taking SSC Mock Tests. This will allow you to identify the areas that are weak and strengths and allow you to focus your study to improve your performance. Tests on mocks can assist you in understanding the exam situation. You can also practice by solving old questions and taking online tests.

Use the key links listed below to help you revise and practice:

SSC GD Mock TestsSSC CPO Mock Tests
SSC CGL Mock TestsSSC CHSL Mock Tests

SSC exam is said as one of the most challenging tests in the nation. Many students worry that they’ll be unable to pass the SSC 2021 exam without taking a coaching classes as the syllabus is more comprehensive than ever before. However, being up to date and understanding the right way to study is essential in order to successfully make your progress through the fierce exam. SSC exam.

Candidates who are aspiring to sit for SSC 2021 exam can find important dates and other information in the SSC Exam Schedule 2020-21 webpage.

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Study material to collect

SSC generally is a quiz that covers extremely common academic topics. If, however, you are extremely proficient in Mathematics as well as English in your studies studying materials is not an problem. For a better chance of that you pass the exam successfully it is vital to have the appropriate study resources. It is recommended to consult to some of the most popular writers and publication’s books.

Make Perfect Timetable for SSC Preparation

Timetables are the best popular and methodical way to finish the planning and to achieve success in all aspects in your daily life. It is an extremely useful and limited resource. Each candidate, whether the chosen timetable or the repeated each has all day, every day which they can make the difference. Make sure you do not create an ineffective and unreasonable timetables. Give each subject the appropriate amount of time according to the topic’s size and the complexity. Be sure to adhere to the timetable, and adjust it from according to the requirements.

Study Accordingly your SSC Preparation Plan

Begin by covering the subjects that are difficult and dominate in the test. Then, move to more comparatively easy topics. To do this you will need to create your list of topics and questions that were asked in the past SSC examinations. This will allow you to begin your preparation.

Utilize Shortcut techniques to solve Problems

It is suggested to collect shortcut techniques as many as you can in order to increase your ability to quantitatively as well as general thinking. This will save you time and effort during the tests. There are many topics within Aptitude and Reasoning that can be learned within the timeframe of a few minutes.

Get online assistance

Do not forget to avail the online support for preparation. You will find everything needed for successful completion of the SSC exam, including study materials including guidance, tips and techniques in just a click.

Solve Previous year’s papers

Take the SSC exams from the previous year of past five years and then try to answer all questions. This will help you understand regarding the nature of questions, the amount of questions and the difficulty level. Additionally, previous year exam papers are required since SSC often repeats the same questions for the coming SSC exams. Therefore, you can get marks without having to put any effort into the exam.

Notes to short

It is advisable to make brief notes on each subject that you consider crucial and can be revised prior to the exam. It is vital in cases of general knowledge and English. Since just prior to the test it’s not feasible to read through every section of the book.

Test your understanding

There are two ways to test the knowledge you have acquired You can first try the random questions in the book, and then take a test online. The test series you practice will provide you with the experience of taking an online test and will provide you a complete report on your performance. This will allow you to improve your skills.

Practice & Practice

It is true that “Practice makes a man perfect.” Practice the most you can in every subject and subject. It reduces the risk of error and helps maintain the flow of questions to attempt on the actual examination.

Other than the mentioned strategies you may choose one or more options based on your preferences as well as your interests and resources.