Spoken English Tips in Hindi

Today English is emerging as a global language and has become a language that is spoken all over the world. English is also being used at a higher level in India. To keep pace with global changes, for everyone English language It has become very important to have knowledge. Know English bolna kaise sikhe and Spoken English Tips in Hindi

Well, everyone knows how important it is for us to know English in today’s era, yet, how important it is to write in English, read English and speak English in India, the information is given below in simple words –

English sikhna kyu jaruri hai – Why is it important to learn English?

Today, knowledge of English is essential for those working in every government office because English language is used to complete all the formalities in the office. In India, the English language has become a standard by which to check how literate a person is.

If you are a well-educated person, but you cannot speak English well or do not understand English, then you are not considered educated, so learning and speaking English is mandatory for everyone.

Also, speaking English makes you look like a professional person which has a positive effect on your personality. In India, English language is very important in every field like education, business, government and private jobs, online jobs etc. Importance of English Language in India In Hindi

English bolna kaise sikhe – How to learn to speak English?

Learning English requires making some important changes in your daily routine.

We like to read and hear such words, and we think that learning and speaking English is very easy, but in reality, it is not so easy.

Below are given to learn English correctly and truly Spoken English Tips Read and follow them, by doing this you will be able to learn to speak English in a few days easily, but you have to be very patient and study and practice constantly.

So that you will be able to learn the vocabulary of the English language and increase your self-confidence about English, as a result of this you will be able to learn to speak and read English.

Spoken English Tips in Hindi – What is Spoken English Tips?

One has to face many difficulties in learning anything, so to learn to speak English, one has to practice speaking in English from broken English, instead of being afraid of the difficulties, one needs to accept them. is

Until we accept our weakness of not being able to speak English, we will never be able to fix this weakness, so pay attention to your weaknesses related to English.

There are some words in English, which have to be changed a little while pronouncing, like Rod and Road, both are read as Road, but both have different meanings, there are many exceptions in the English language, which It is important to read English well to understand.

To learn English, pay attention to books with good publications, use books of high-level writers because such books do not contain any grammar-related errors, start reading English literature in addition to English grammar books. .

In India, some people can speak English and some cannot speak, so apart from learning English books and reading from a teacher, learn about speaking English from people who can speak English well and how to talk to them in English. Practice, don’t hesitate at all.

In order to get perfect in any work, it is necessary to practice it continuously, so to learn English, it is important to study English regularly every day. , practice spelling words, listen to English speech, read English magazines and focus on pronunciation of words with regular practice.

To learn English Some other important points –

1. Learn Basic Grammar – Having full knowledge of English grammar or grammar is very important to learn English, so that you don’t make any kind of mistakes in English, but there is no need to pay much attention to grammar when speaking in English, when speaking English in front of someone. Be confident and speak English without hesitation, learn and correct your mistakes during English practice.

2. Remember the important phrase – It is important to learn the special phrases used in English, such phrases or phrases make your conversation effective while speaking English, so read and remember good phrases, there is no need to memorize the entire sentence, only the important ones. Remember only phrases that can be used in any sentence.

3. Practice pronunciation of words – Learning English is not enough just to read and understand English, you also have to learn to speak English, so the words you read or hear, you need to be able to pronounce them correctly.

In order to pronounce English words correctly, you need to regularly practice English words and repeat them by saying them. There are many words in the English language that have different spellings and different pronunciations. , eg – Lawyer and Liar are pronounced the same but both mean ‘lawyer’ and ‘liar’ respectively.

4. Practice Tongue Twister Lines – There are many English tongue twisters, by practicing which you can improve the pronunciation of English words, because tongue twisters are phrases made up of many words, like – Betty Botter bought some butter and Peter piper picked a peck of pickled peppers.

5. Read an English newspaper daily – Get into the habit of reading English news magazines like Indian Express and The Hindu daily, in which English is written in a moderate manner, you can improve your English vocabulary by reading English magazines daily.

6. Listen to English music – By listening to English songs and extracting lyrics from the Internet, read the lyrics while listening to the song and hum the lyrics along with the song, you can improve your pronunciation and increase your confidence in English.

7. Watch English videos or movies In the process of learning English, you can include watching good English videos or English movies, because listening to English also helps you learn something new in English. If you watch Hindi movies or videos, watch them with English sub-titles. Try reading the sub-titles.

8. Practice speaking in English It is easier to remember the written information by speaking it, so keep practicing by speaking the English words and their meaning and record the spoken voice on the phone during the practice. Listen to the recording voice, this will let you know that you are not making any mistakes in pronouncing the words, then by correcting your mistakes, you can improve your English speaking.

9. Do not think in Hindi while speaking in English – Hindi-speaking people often think in their mother tongue Hindi while speaking in English, then translate it into English, so it takes a lot of time to speak in English and because of not being able to find the right words to translate the words into English. People feel hesitant, so you should use your English dictation while speaking English, by doing this you can easily speak in English.

10. Practice standing in front of a mirror – A good way to practice speaking English is to speak while standing in front of a mirror. Speak in English for a while on any English topic of your choice. Use the mirror and pretend that someone else is standing in front of you. To whom you are speaking in English,

While doing this, pay special attention to your body language so that you can identify your mistakes and correct them, in this way you can increase your confidence in English.

If we try to learn something with full confidence, we can easily learn any difficult language, English is a part of our school curriculum, in such a case, the basics of English, such as English grammar and English vocabulary. Grammar & Vocabulary) We have been learning from earlier,

But since most of them are students of Hindi medium, it is a bit difficult for everyone to talk in English, it was added here. Spoken English Tips Knowing you will easily learn to speak English and write in English with constant practice.

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