Railway Exam Preparation: Exam Pattern, Syllabus, Notification and Vacancy

If you don’t have a solid RRB plan of preparation it is going to be extremely difficult for candidates to clear because the tests conducted by RRB are among the most competitive examinations across the nation.

Railway Exam Preparation Guide

To learn more about the different RRB Tests check out the related article.

This article will provide complete details about RRB preparation. Candidates will be provided with the RRB syllabus for exams, RRB Booklist, section-wise RRB exam preparation, and RRB exam format. Additionally, candidates will be able to download the RRB exam manuals PDF at the hyperlink below as well as at the end section of this article.

A lot of candidates who wish to be successful in this exam must go to coaching institutes for their preparation and require trustworthy RRB exam materials. This blog, we will provide details about railway exam books that are essential for Railway examination preparation. 

Exam Preparation Guidelines

The number of candidates that take RRB exams such as RRB NTPC, RRB JE & SSE, RRB Group D and RRB ALP is huge so these tests turned out to be extremely competitive in their nature. Therefore, applicants should be prepared for these tests.

Here are some suggestions to follow for RRB exam preparation that will assist candidates in shining and meet their goal

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Stepwise RRB Exam Preparation

Step 1 – Know About the RRB Selection Procedure
For information about the process of selection for RRB examination. This is the process that is implemented by Railways to recruit students.

  1. RRB Online Test
  2. Skill Test
  3. Interview
  4. Document confirmation
  5. Medical Fitness test for medical fitness

Step 2 – Know About the RRB Syllabus

Syllabus based the RRB online Test: This is an online test, and it is crucial to understand the most current syllabus in order to pass this exam. Students can be prepared by practicing using practice tests like the RRB mock test as well as RRB past year’s exam tests.

It can give students an idea of what areas of the test they’re not proficient in and where they need to work on their skills. As practice is the most effective method of overcoming your weaknesses therefore keep working on your weaknesses.

RRB online test syllabus has these sections:

Basic Awareness: The students should stay up-to-date with the latest issues and general knowledge topics.

Arithmetic: This area is extremely scoring, as the only issue in this section is the practice. If students are able to practice for this section, they are sure to get high marks.

Tech: This section includes questions from technical classes that students have chosen to take.

Reasoning: It is recommended that students practice these sections in time-bound situations. This section comes with an extensive syllabus, students must adhere to the syllabus while writing and testing RRB mock tests.

Step 3 – Get the Best Study Material

Find useful RRB exam materials to prepare to help you pass the exam.

Below are some of the most popular and highly suggested RRB books for Railway examination preparation

Name of booksAuthor/ Publication
Traffic Apprentice Editorial boardPratiyogita Darpan
ArithmeticR.S Aggarwal
Upkar Railway Recruitment Board ExaminationKhanna & Verma
Quicker reasoning testUpkar Publication
Reasoning testR.S. Aggarwal
Railway Recruitment Board ExamUpkar Publication
Verbal & nonverbal ReasoningR.S. Aggarwal
English GrammarWren and Martin
15 Practice Sets Indian Railways JE Recruitment ExamArihant Experts
RRB Technical ExamDr. Chandresh Agrawal
Indian Railways – Group ‘D’ Recruitment Exam GuideRPH Editorial Board
Railway Psychological Test (English)Kiran Prakashan
RRB Technical (Electrical Engineering)Dr. Chandresh Agrawal
Objective General ScienceExpert Compilations
Railway Mechanical Engineering PWB (English)Kiran Prakashan
Practice Workbook: Indian Railway Group-D Recruitment ExamArihant Experts
SCRA (Special Class Railway Apprentices Exam)GKP
Study Guide RRB Mechanical Engineering PB
Indian Railways Assistant Loco Pilot ExamDisha Experts
RRB Railway Recruitment Board TechnicalCBH Editorial Board
Railway Psychological Test with 190 setsKiran Prakashan

Step 4: Know what RRB Exam Pattern RRB Exam Pattern

Being aware of how to write the RRB Exam Pattern can help students who are studying for their RRB exam.

  • It is a crucial element to passing the test.
  • The number of questions
  • Time duration
  • Negative marking scheme
  • The languages in which RRB tests online are offered.

Railway Exam Preparation Using Study Sateek! !

At Study Sateek , students can access the latest and complete RRB Syllabus to help with RRB exam preparation, as well as RRB study material that includes the subject-specific previous year papers. Students can also attempt to complete the RRB previous year Questions to test their knowledge.

Students can access extensive preparation materials for RRB (NonTechnical) Technical), RRB (Technical) that cover a comprehensive syllabus that includes General Sciences, General Awareness, General Intelligence, Numerical Ability and Technical papers.

General Tactics

Candidates are advised to be prepared to take the RRB Mock test during time-bound sessions.

Students should not avoid the issues encountered while attempting to solve RRB Mock test. It is better to discuss the issue with Study Sateek instructors to clear problems.

Tips for Studying Sateek The wise men say they “Practice makes a man perfect.” Therefore, practice by answering hundreds of questions from the bank of questions and then take the assessment tests. We are sure you’ll pass the test more confidently.

Control time for all sections in the RRB the online exam.

Learn to remember formulae that are found in RRB study materials.

While working on the RRB mock test papers Increase the level of difficulty.

If the tips discussed above proved useful to you in your RRB Exam Preparations, please share it your experiences with your peers and friends candidates. Write down your opinions on this blog. Thanks for reading and prepare well by studying with Study Sateek

Railway Exam Patterns

Before getting into a lot of details on the RRB method of preparation for the Railway exams, candidates need to be aware of the essential aspects that comprise the RRB exam format in general. The pattern of every exam is covered in greater detail below.

RRB NTPC Exam Pattern

The table below outlines the test pattern of RRB Non-Technical Popular Categories (NTPC) CBT-1:

RRB NTPC CBT – 1 Exam Pattern 2019
SectionsMaximum Marks
General Awareness40
General Intelligence and Reasoning30
No of Questions – 100Time – 90 Minutes

The date of the exam for the Railway NTPC is scheduled from December 15th, 2020 to. Candidates taking the NTPC exam in December may attend the free Railway Recruitment Board NTPC on-line live training to add a an edge in their training.

Exam pattern for RRB NTPC CBT -2

RRB NTPC CBT – 2 Exam Pattern 2021
SectionsMaximum Marks
General Awareness50
General Intelligence and Reasoning35
No of Questions – 120Time – 90 Minutes

To learn more about the topics that are included in the exam, go to the RRB Syllabus for the NTPC page.

RRB JE Exam Pattern

The table below provides information regarding this CBT Stage – I of the RRB Junior Engineer (JE) that is the same for all posts notified of the test.

RRB JE Exam Pattern (CBT- I)
SubjectsNo of QuestionsMarks for Each Section
Stage – IStage – I
General Intelligence & Reasoning2525
General Awareness1515
General Science3030
Time in minutes90 

Notification: Only candidates who pass the CBT1 exam will be able to pass the CBT 1 exam will be eligible to take part in the next stage.

Exam Pattern for RRB CBT for JE-2

RRB JE Exam Pattern (CBT- II)
SubjectsNo of QuestionsMarks for Each Section
Stage – IStage – I
General Awareness1515
Physics & Chemistry1515
Basics of Computers and Applications1010
Basics of Environment and Pollution Control1010
Technical Abilities100100
Time in minutes120 

For more information on the particular topics covered in the test, check out the RRB Je syllabus page.

RRB ALP Exam Pattern

The initial stage of the RRB Assistant Loco Pilot (ALP) CBT Exam will consist in the following format:

RRB ALP Exam Pattern – CBT I
SubjectsNo. of QuestionsDuration
Maths2060 Minutes
General Intelligence & Reasoning25
General Science20
General Awareness10


RRB ALP Exam Pattern – CBT II
PartSubjectsNo of QuestionsMarks for Each SectionDuration
Part AMaths252590 Minutes
General Intelligence & Reasoning2525
Basic Science and Engineering4040
General Awareness1010
Part BRelevant Trade757560 Minutes
Total1751752 Hours 30 Minutes

For more information on the particular topic of the test, go to this page. RRB ALP Exam Syllabus page.

Candidates can visit the provided websites for more information on this assistant Loco Pilot exam.

RRB ALP EligibilityRRB ALP Admit CardRRB ALP Exam Date

RRB Group D Exam Pattern

The process for selecting candidates for RRB Group D exam is based on four stages. RRB Group D exam comprises four phases, excluding that of the RRB Group D Apply Online procedure and the issuance of an RRB Group D Admit Card.

The four phases that comprise the RRB Group D Exam pattern are:

  1. A computer-based examinationis held over 90 minutes. The total number of questions are asked in four sections (English Maths, Maths, GK & GS) and there is a negative mark of 1/3 marks for each failed attempt during the CBT.
  2. Physical Efficiency Testis an exam that is a qualification in nature.
  3. Document Verification
  4. Medical Examination

The exact exam pattern for this RRB Group D exam is found at the end of the page on syllabus. the link to the same is below.

Take a look at RRB Group D Syllabus for more information.

RRB Preparation 2022

The RRB examinations are among the most sought-after examinations across the country because of the chance of having the chance to work for some of the nation’s most highly regarded government agencies.

An knowledge regarding the course syllabus as well as exam format is the initial step to creating the best preparation plan. Another factor to consider in determining a plan of preparation for the RRB tests is to ensure the negative scoring is avoided. Also, preparing beginning on day one is also helpful.

RRB Preparation | Mathematics

Making preparations to take the Mathematics section isn’t difficult, though it might seem that way. If you dedicate at three to four hours each day to this subject will allow candidates to pass this section with a high score easily. These tips and tricks for the Mathematics section can be helpful to students:

  • Candidates do not have to study for advanced mathematics subjects. Achieving the 12th standard is sufficient.
  • Candidates must make sure that they practice at least 3 to 4 hours per day, and that they do not leave out any topic during practice sessions.
  • Candidates must know all formulas and tricks at their table.
  • The focus should be more on challenging topics and less time needs to be allocated to smaller sections.

To prepare for the mathematics portion in the RRB NTPC examination check the provided links to aid in preparation.

  1. Shortcuts used for Square and Cubes Roots as well as Multiplication
  2. Mathematics Tricks, shortcuts and tricks

A few of the most important mathematical areas that you can study to get a better understanding of your concepts are provided below:

Questions on Quadratic EquationsProblems on Train
Problems on AgeProblems on Data Interpretation
Problem on Time and WorkQuestions on Number Series

The most important topics built on fundamental concepts, with examples of questions from the Quantitative Aptitude syllabus are listed on the page linked.

You can learn more information about RRB vacant positions by reading the article.

RRB Preparation | General Awareness

In this section, candidates are likely to encounter moderate difficulties. It is also the part that allows them to achieve the most marks if they are up-to-date with current news and the daily news. Candidates are able to check the following websites to get daily updates on current affairs.

  • Daily Current Affairs
  • Daily News Analysis

Candidates should keep these tips and tricks in their minds to make sure they can pass in the General Awareness Section easily:

  • Daily newspaper reading is a vital habit can be developed as well as keeping track of the latest news.
  • Candidates must be informed about events both at home and abroad with a particular focus on local issues.
  • Around 1-1.5 Mock Exams from The RRB Exam must be taken each day.
  • Candidates also need to keep up their knowledge of various Static GK subjects which are crucial from an the exam’s perspective.

Candidates are able to check out some important general awareness topics listed below:

Longest Bridges in IndiaFamous Books and Authors
World’s Largest LibrariesList of Airports in India
IPL Winners ListList of Companies Taglines
List of Country, Capital & CurrencyImportant Inventions & Discoveries

Candidates can search for more pertinent topics on static GK for a quick and easy preparation of the general awareness section. Check out the website linked to.

RRB Preparation | General Intelligence and Reasoning

General intelligence and reasoning might seem like a tough subject however it is one of those subjects in which chances of scoring the highest number of marks is very high. Candidates are able to study 3 sutras to help prepare for reasoning skills that will certainly help to overcome the obstacles encountered during the RRB exam.

There are numerous proven ways that can help you prepare the logic portion. One of them is reading books that are the most reliable and taking regularly scheduled practice tests. Candidates may also review previous RRB test papers and gain an understanding of the test.

These tips can help you prepare to take the test for General Intelligence and Reasoning:

  • Once a deep knowledge of the subject is attained, students must separate the weak and the strong sections.
  • A strategy for preparation that concentrates on the weak spots should be developed.
  • This is because the RRB Mock Tests must be used regularly to obtain an accurate comprehension of the test’s format for General Intelligence and Reasoning.

Here are a few crucial Reasoning topics, questions on which questions are asked nearly every year. Check the sites below for RRB exam preparation as well as general intelligence section

Coding/DecodingAlphanumeric seriesDirections
Blood RelationsOrder & RankingSeating Arrangements

For a thorough preparation for reasoning, you can go through this Logical Reasoning page for more subjects on the fundamental concepts with a detailed explanation as well as some sample questions.

Go through RRB Group D preparation for topic-specific exam tips. Candidates who want to appear for Railway Group D exam can look up the link for the relevant information about the test.

RRB Group D Exam DateRRB Group D Salary
RRB Group D Admit CardRRB Group D Result
RRB Group D Apply OnlineRRB Group D Notification

RRB Preparation | General Science

When you are prepared to take preparation for the General Science section, candidates should be aware of the foundational concepts of science starting from the 10th and 12th standards. Studying NCERT textbooks during your RRB preparation phase can help in developing your subject knowledge since the majority of the questions will be based on the 10th and 12th Std syllabus.

For general science preparation it is crucial that candidates must be well-versed in the fundamental concepts that are common to all sciences i.e. Physics, Chemistry, and Life science. Therefore the best method to refresh the fundamentals of all three disciplines is to read to NCERT Notes. notes of the NCERT Visit the website to download the notes.

Other suggestions to be aware of while studying in preparation for General Science are as follows:

  • Understanding knowing the RRB syllabus of The General Science section will help in the division of weak and strong sections of candidates.
  • The practice tests for the RRB Exams on a daily basis will give you an accurate understanding of the test format for the identical.

Candidates can refer to RRB NTP Examination Preparation more in depth at the link below.

Links relevant to NTPC exam are provided to help candidates, make sure you check these links for further details:

RRB NTPC Apply OnlineRRB NTPC Exam Dates

RRB Preparation | Basics of Computer and Application

For those who aren’t aware computer technology is a difficult area to navigate However, with the help of good textbooks, the process is made more easy to understand. The basics for Computer and Application is one of those subjects in which candidates must be continually reviewed. In addition, they must ensure that their they have the necessary knowledge to pass the test.

Aspirants are able to check the following websites to get assistance with RRB making an application for the computer:

  • Fundamentals of Computers
  • Computer Awareness
  • High-Level Computer Languages
  • List of Computer Abbreviations

It is crucial for candidates to evaluate their readiness regularly. Therefore, they must be taking free online quizzes often.

Find important books on tips and study material to prepare for RRB Exam preparation on the link below. Candidates can also browse through the relevant pages for RRB JE for important information.

RRB JE EligibilityRRB JE RecruitmentRRB JE Salary
RRB JE ResultRRB JE Admit CardRRB JE Exam Dates

Recommended RRB/Railway Preparation Books

To be prepared to pass to be prepared for the RRB exam, it is essential to keep a large number of reference books available. They will assist applicants focus more on the topic that is being studied and, eventually, scoring top marks on the test.

The reference books that are section-wise include:

RRB Books for General Awareness

  1. Lucent’s General Knowledge
  2. Manorama Yearbook
  3. Arihant General Knowledge
  4. NCERT Books – Class X, XII
  5. Pratiyogita Darpan

RRB Books for Mathematics

  1. Quantitative Aptitude by RS Aggarwal
  2. Fast Track by Rajesh Verma
  3. NCERT Maths classes from Grade 6 through Grade 11
  4. Magical Books on Quicker Maths by M Tyra
  5. Advance Maths by Rakesh Yadav
  6. Basic Maths and Pre-Algebra for Beginners by Mark Zegarelli

RRB Books for Logical Reasoning

  1. Analytical Reasoning by MK Pandey
  2. Test of Reasoning by Edgar Thorpe
  3. A Modern Approach to Verbal and Non-Verbal Reasoning by RS Aggarwal
  4. New Approach to Reasoning Verbal, Non-Verbal and Analytical by BS Sijwali and Indu Sijwali.
  5. Lucent’s General Intelligence and Reasoning
  6. General Intelligence and Test of Reasoning by Vikas Publishing House

RRB Books for Basics of Computer and Application

  1. JE CBT I & II – Computer Science and Information Technology by GKP
  2. Objective Computer Science & Information Technology by G.K Mithal