Importance of Co-Curricular Activities in Hindi

If you are a school going student, you are going to be in schools Co-curricular activities (co-curricular activities) As you may know, co-curricular activities are learning programs that are part of a classroom curriculum. If you don’t know about it then you will know through this post that ‘Co-curricular activitiesWhat is the Importance of Co-Curricular Activities in Hindi?

Importance of Co-Curricular Activities Hindi

Co-curricular activities kya hai meaning/definition in Hindi – What is co-curricular activities?

Meaning of co-curricular activities in Hindi Co-curricular activities or Co-curricular activities happens Co-curricular Activities refers to activities, programs and learning experiences that enhance the student’s life skills in school, these are experiences that are connected to the school curriculum.

Schools also conduct some co-curricular activities to impart good life skills to the students by making the learning process easy and fun using creative teaching methods. Co-curricular activities help a child develop physically and mentally, acquire social skills and gain some degree of independence in day-to-day activities.

Extra Curricular Activities (Extra Curricular Activities) Extra Academic Activity Also known as and its meaning in Hindi Extra academic Activities or extracurricular Activities happens Extracurricular Activities are activities that are done by students in school, college or university and which are slightly outside the scope of the normal curriculum of education.

Extra curricular activities like – debate competition, elocution competition, essay writing, indoor games, outdoor games, helping in organizing school events, etc., provide encouragement in life and learning something new.

Examples/Types of co-curricular activities in Hindi – Types of extra-curricular activities?

There are many types of co-curricular activities that students can do at school and at home, such as –

  • Fun Activities
  • Summer Activities
  • Craft Activities
  • Science Activities
  • Group Activities
  • Art Activities
  • Picture Activities
  • Sports Activities

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As part of the learning process in the school, fun activities are organized for the children. Some of the common fun activities are as follows –

Celebrating festivals in schools – It promotes the spirit of brotherhood by including students of all religions.

Decorate the classroom – It brings out creativity in students and promotes teamwork.

Fancy dress competition – It teaches about the dignity of hard work of people of various professions and occupations.

Summer camp – Many teams of students are formed to play sports activities like cricket, football, badminton, hockey etc. by organizing camps in the school campus, which helps in learning teamwork and developing healthy competition.

Art or art competition – Stimulating work like drawing on various subjects is given by the teachers in the school which helps the children to develop their creativity.

Album making contest or scrapbooking – This activity involves making an album on one or two topics of interest to the student from the regular curriculum, such as making an album of pictures about newspaper clippings, geography or history, news and current affairs, etc.

Craft competition – In school, children have to make different things using colored paper, cardboard and other materials.

A quiz or quiz competition – To develop general knowledge quiz competitions are conducted in class by forming groups.

Home Projects – You have to make a project from home and bring it to school by working alone or jointly with other students of your class.

Experiment – There are many activities that can be done like making a kaleidoscope or periscope with broken glass pieces or mirrors, growing a plant from a common cereal grain and many other similar activities.

Hobby competition – It can include activities like dancing, solo or group singing, drama or acting.

Apart from this, there are some extra co-curricular activities for children which are organized by most of the schools which increase the knowledge of children, like –

  • Story and Essay Writing Competition
  • Environmental Studies
  • Student’s Banking

Mahatva/Importance of Co-Curricular Activities in Hindi – What is the importance of co-curricular activities?

Co-curricular activities are equally important for every student in school. Here are some reasons that explain the importance of co-curricular activities (Importance of Co-Curricular Activities)?

① It is very easy for students to remember new skills learned through co-curricular activities.
② Students have the opportunity to make new friends and participate in new group activities outside of the regular classroom curriculum.
③ A sense of camaraderie is developed through various activities.
④ Students stay connected with each other through co-curricular activities during vacations.
⑤ Participating in various activities in school helps students develop self-confidence.
⑥ Students can identify their skills through co-curricular activities which makes it easier for them to build their career.
⑦ Certificates of participation in co-curricular activities are useful for admission to higher education and job search.
⑧ Various activities in the school promote understanding about the cultures of the country and create a sense of unity among all.
⑨ It is a fun way for students to learn, it helps students develop strong time management and organizational skills.

Disadvantages of co curricular activities in Hindi – Disadvantages of co curricular activities?

Apart from many advantages, there are some disadvantages of co-curricular activities, which are as follows –

Initial pressure – Participation of very young children in extra curricular activities can be stressful. Children may want to quit a sport or other activity but the children are afraid of disappointing their parents. Parents and children should communicate so that young children are not exposed to unnecessary early pressures.

Sometimes frustrating – Students at any age can become frustrated if they overdo extracurricular activities at school. Students may also feel frustrated that they do not have time to develop their talents.

Physical and mental stress – Children do not always know how to explain their physical problems to others, and they have to participate in school activities against their will, which can cause them physical and mental stress.

Burden on poor families – Some co-curricular activities are very expensive. For children to participate in these activities, their parents need to buy expensive equipment and dresses, which not everyone can afford.

Bad timing – Some co-curricular activities demand more time, many students cannot spare that much time.

Participation in co-curricular activities organized in most schools is free for students. However, the student has to bear the expenses related to materials, equipment or travel. After knowing the Importance of Co-Curricular Activities, you should choose a co-curricular activity that suits your passion or hobby and budget so that participating in that activity can help you in life.

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