CTET Preparation Tips 2022: Exam Pattern, Syllabus, Notification and Old Exam Papers

Candidates should have a strategic plan that is based on their skills to be successful in passing the CTET 2022 test. A thorough CTET preparation program provides applicants with an outline of the steps to take. Therefore, it is essential to adhere to some CTET strategies and tips to aid you in passing the test. Candidates should develop a specific method of preparation to be successful in passing the CTET 2022 test with top scores. Check out the most crucial CTET exam tips below.

Best CTET Preparation Tips 2022

Want to know how to prepare for the CTET exam in 2022? Take note of the following essential CTET suggestions shared by our experts in the field to pass the CTET 2022 test with flying colors. If you are planning to take those who are preparing for the CTET 2022 test, it’s the best time to begin your CTET preparation immediately without delay. Being aware of the exam’s format and the syllabus is the initial and most crucial step during CTET preparation.

Let’s quickly grasp the key aspects, tips, and tricks for preparing to take taking the Central Teacher Eligibility Test (CTET) 2022 examination:

1. Know CTET Pattern 2022

  • In the CTET There will be 150 questions to be asked that will be worth 150 points and the allotted time is 150 minutes.
  • It will be conducted via the Online mode.
  • The question paper will comprise of questions that are objective in nature. There will be five segments with each one of them containing 30 questions.
  • The CTET exam will have zero negative marks on the CTET test.

NOTE: Mathematics and Science for teachers of Maths and Science (Science background students). Social Science is designed for social science teachers (Arts background students).


Download CTET Admit Card / Notification / Syllabus

2. Follow CTET Syllabus

  • CTET syllabus differs for paper 1 and paper 2. During your preparation, you should complete the CTET syllabus.
  • CTET paper 1 contains Child Development and Pedagogy, Language-1, language-2 Environmental Studies and Mathematics.
  • CTET paper 2 includes Child Development & Pedagogy, Language-1,language-2, Social Studies, or Mathematics & Science.
  • The exam paper is Bilingual (Hindi/English).
  • There are 20 language options available on the CTET announcement. Candidates is allowed to select only two languages out of the 20 languages.
  • There are a variety of subjects in the syllabus. You should create a specific study plan for each subject of the syllabus in the best way.

Check this out: CTET Syllabus 2022 (Paper 1 & Paper 2)

3. Focus on Your Weak Area of Study

  • Find the area where you’re weak and where there is room to improve.
  • Read and learn the fundamental concepts, and begin practicing in the areas you are weak at.
  • For the areas that are strong, it is not necessary to concentrate on the fundamental concepts but instead practice more questions related to those areas.
  • Try to practice CTET’s previous questions to learn your weak areas.

4. Read Important Books for CTET

  • Make sure you have at least one Important textbook per subject, as specified within the CTET Exam syllabus.
  • Practice by using NCERT Books from Class 3rd through 8th.
  • You may also choose either of the publications available from Arihant, Disha, or Upkar Publication to help with CTET 2022 exam preparation.
  • You can look up the top books by clicking the link below.

Click here to checkBest Book for CTET 2022 Exam

5. Learn the Basic Concept and Practice Quizzes

  • At first, you should focus on the fundamental concepts of each subject, particularly in the areas of child development and pedagogy.
  • Try to complete the tests of each subject consistently to improve your accuracy and ability to pass every test.

6. Make a Habit to Prepare Short Notes

  • When you begin your preparation begin to make brief notes on the topics.
  • These brief notes will aid you to revise all the syllabus at the very last minute before the test.
  • Make sure to highlight the most important details in your short notes that will help during the period of revision.

7. Revise all Concepts and Theories Before the Exam:

  • Following the completion of the entire syllabus, you should try to review all important areas each week.
  • It is important to remember the concepts key theories, the main theories, and formulas in the course of revision.
  • Do not just memorize the questions, master the questions, try them out and comprehend the fundamental idea behind the question.

8. Make a Habit to Practice Mock Test Regularly:

  • Constantly taking CTET test questions is essential to get top marks in the actual test.
  • You can review the score of each section and increase the speed of your preparation.
  • Based on the test you took Based on the mock test, you can plan your time efficiently and effectively.

9. CTET Exam Qualifying Marks

  • You should attempt to answer all 150 questions as it is not possible to mark negative marks on the CTET test.
  • In the general category, you must get 90 of 150 points to be eligible for the CTET test.
  • There’s no cutoff for sectional areas, therefore don’t be intimidated by any topic.

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We hope these CTET strategies and preparation tips can help you pass your test. Do not lose focus on the test. Set your priorities to clear the CTET 2022 exam and score good marks.